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Landing pages

What are landing pages?

Landing pages are a key element of digital marketing. That is why we highly recommend planning them for your online campaigns. All landing pages are specially designed web pages whose main task is to keep the consumer attention focused on a specific goal – sale, event registration, e-book download, etc.

Why do you need landing pages?

Landing pages are where you usually direct most of your paid online traffic. This suggests that you are investing a considerable budget for them. And because landing pages are focused on conversions, if you manage to improve their performance, you will see a significant betterment in your business goals!

целеви страници (landing pages)

What is landing pages optimization?

Landing pages optimization helps you refine your overall vision (or just parts of it) in order to get more from your visitors. This reduces your expenses for attracting new clients and leads, and increases the return on your spent advertising budget.

How do we optimize landing pages for our clients?

When we, at Mediapost Hit Mail, have to optimize landing pages, we usually focus on the important things. Over the years we have noticed that marketing specialists often make several major mistakes when using this key element of digital marketing.

What are the most common mistakes made when working with landing pages?


The overall design of the landing page is not intuitive. The customer does not immediately understand what is expected of them and what are the benefits of your products or services.

Main goal

You are trying to accomplish more than one goal with one landing page. For example, getting the customer to buy from you and download an e-book at the same time.


Important elements for achieving your goal from your landing pages are hidden or placed in the wrong place. Such elements are buttons, accents, timers, advantages and so on.


There are needless elements on your landing page that distract you visitors’ attention from the most important goal: external links, social media buttons, etc.

Of course, there are many others commonly made mistakes. But if you are using landing pages for your business as well and want to get even better results, why not get in touch with us? Landing pages optimization sometimes can be a long and difficult process. Unless you have good software at your disposal, you will need a good designer, developer, additional IT resources and also an appropriate hosting.

We are using a reliable parallel testing software that will show you the statistical significance of the obtained result. We will do the so-called A/B split test to find out the underperforming elements on the page you have used so far. Contact us on 02/962 86 29 or send us an email at, so we can tell you more about landing pages optimization.

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If you use PPC advertising for directing traffic to the landing page, its optimization will make your ads even more relevant. Thus, you will pay less for the traffic itself and its quality will improve. Sounds good, doesn’t it?