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PPC Advertising

PPC Advertising on Google, Facebook и Instagram

The parameters for PPC advertising on the large advertising platforms (such as Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram) are constantly changing. People who are actively engaged with digital marketing are well aware of this. Every good specialist should spend quite some time optimizing PPC campaigns. This is the only way to keep up with the latest trends in the industry. Moreover, new advertising formats, requirements, policies and best practices are constantly being published.

That is why PPC advertising effectiveness and quality are determined by many factors. The way you create content and visions is not the only important thing. Carefully selecting your target audience is also not enough. Your ability to navigate how to use platform innovations to your advantage is of crucial importance.

Formula for more conversions in PPC advertising

When planning PPC advertising and PPC campaign for our clients, we follow the lead of proven principles. One of them is the science-based formula for more conversions, elaborated by our colleagues from MECLABS. The formula is valid whether we are talking about Facebook, Google or Instagram. In other words, when we plan advertising texts, we comply with the following requirements: 


To figure out what motivates the consumer to act – i.e. when exactly he is ready to pay for certain products or services (i).

Value proposition

Is the value proposition clear – why the consumer has to choose our client and his offer through this particular advertising platform.

Stimulus for action

To determine the stimulus for action in which the consumer does not have any hesitation (i-f) about his choice.

Willingness to share

To know to which degree the consumer is willing to share personal information with us to complete the order.

When preparing PPC campaigns on Google Ads, Facebook and/or Instagram, in addition to the considerations mentioned above, we use a set of proven over time techniques. They help us achieve a significantly better result in comparison to the one our clients have had. Whether they have worked alone or with another digital agency.

Full measurability of your PPC ad, not just traffic

Our ultimate aim is never simply to drive more traffic to your website or landing page. Anyone can do it. But not everyone can attract the right audience – i.e. the people, who are most willing to do what your business wants them to do (to buy, to subscribe, to share their information, to download an e-book, to reach the sales department, to request a test drive, etc.). Whatever your final aim is, we usually find the right clients to help you achieve it.

PPC кампании
PPC кампаниите са важна част от дигиталния маркетинг

Complete vision of your business, not just an average service

We start every PPC ad with some technical operations. They guarantee us that we will be able to measure the results correctly. We add clear goal setting and define the criteria by which we will know how close we are to achieving the PPC campaign goal. We also estimate whether each of the mentioned platforms will help us with that or whether we should give one of them up. We often use landing pages as well.   

Meanwhile we have to become well acquainted with your business end-to-end. We want to learn more about your current clients but also about those who have not yet trusted you. It’s a good idea to understand how you sell, what are the potential obstacles to your clients to buy from you. Also, how to face the common objections, whether everything on the sales chain works well, etc.  

The good example

In short, we are interested in things that exceed our service range. We are doing this because we know how important for the success of any PPC campaign is that all the other components of the business work well. For example, one of our clients who regularly sends direct mail campaigns to his clients, always informs us for upcoming activity in this direction. Then we reduce the budget for PPC advertising on Google Ads and Facebook. We do so because we know well enough that advertising on these two platforms becomes less effective during a direct marketing campaign. It is no good for our client to spend more when with a smaller investment he can achieve a similar result. The same rule may or may not apply to your business. There is no way we can know this without doing the necessary tests together.

Optimizing PPC campaigns for a better result

In order to achieve a remarkable result, we optimize the campaigns as often as necessary. Sometimes this means once every 2-3 days and in other cases – several times every day. The Facebook ad may generate more profit in comparison to the one on Google Ads, yet on a higher average cost. Or it may be just the opposite. There are no two businesses where we can apply the same actions and achieve the same results. 

To a great extent the PPC campaigns results depend on your willingness to share information with us and your courage to do the things we recommend. Sometimes those things may sound a bit scary, but they are the result of extremely careful and precise analysis and in 93% of the cases they bring you better results.

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