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Email marketing

Email marketing – the channel with the highest return on investment!

If you want to successfully communicate with your clients through email marketing, you already have great opportunities to do so. In Bulgaria emailing as a communication channel is still highly underestimated, although its return on investment is the highest.

The cost for sending an еmail broadcast or for an automatic email sequence is extremely low. This will help you reach your clients without having to spend too much for it.

Proven effective systems for email sending

Mediapost Hit Mail is a highly experienced email marketing agency. We have been offering the service since 2006 when in Bulgaria it was not very familiar. For sending we work with proven email software. They provide great message delivery. We optimize email campaigns for both the Bulgarian market (with a significant predominance of local providers like and and abroad where services such as Gmail, Yahoo and others predominate. We also work on promoting in Bulgaria the so-called BIMI standard (Brand Indicators for Messages Identification).

Rely on us for both B2C and B2B email-marketing campaigns. You may be hesitant about which type of campaign is right for you and whether an e-newsletter or an email sequence will help you sell more? And why not both? We will be glad to help you understand the right answer through fully measurable tests without having to guess.

Personalize your messages to each individual client

You want to personalize your emails? No problem, as long as you have at your disposal the right data. Our email marketing experts will help you prepare your campaign and personalize it in a way that each message is directed to a specific person. This approach usually improves significantly the end result you are aiming for.

Sell more with automatic emails

And if you are ready for a more complex email automation, we once again have the right solution for you. We will help you with different scenarios to guide your clients more efficiently towards the final purchase decision.

The initial set up of this type of campaign is extremely important, but then you will be surprised by the result. For many of our clients and especially the online stores – the automatic email has the highest conversion rate.

Learn details about the email services that will help you sell more:

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Use Mediapost Hit Mail solutions for email marketing to improve your results.