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Social media

Social media strategy – but not only!

Nowadays, many companies use social media to publish or reshare content on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and so on. Few of these companies, however, have a clear strategy that helps them sustainably achieve their marketing and business goals. The truth is that social media works best as a part of a full strategy for online communication with current clients and leads. Then linking to other marketing tools like PPC advertising, email marketing and content development, for example, works best.


At Mediapost Hit Mail we can help you build a social media strategy that will bring the most valuable benefits to your business. This will help you increase your engagement level with your target audience and attract more leads. In most cases you will significantly improve your sales.

Here is how we can help you with social media:

Content analysis

Not always content posted on social media meets your business goals. We will help you use this type of communication that works best for you.

Социални медии и дигитална стратегия

Comparison with competitors

If you publish the same content as your competitors, it will be difficult to distinguish yourself. We can be helpful to you for quality new content that makes an excellent impression. 

социални медии за бизнеса

Communication on social media

We pay particular attention direct and open communication with the clients. Nothing is more powerful than making people feel good. Do it and you will immediately feel the difference.

социални медии - обслужване

An important part of the strategy

We know exactly how the complete marketing and digital strategy should work. Social media are a significant part of it. We will help you use it to achieve better results for your business.

Maintaining Facebook and Instagram pages

In addition, we can manage and maintain your company Facebook and Instagram page, as well as other social media you have. Rely on us for effective communication with your clients, for design conformable to your corporate requirements and also for ingenious ideas for more remarkable communication in this important communication channel.

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