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Lead generation

Lead generation

What is lead generation?

Each business needs new additions in their leads list. With the help of Mediapost Hit Mail you will be able to use your sales team potential in the most efficient way.

How are lead generation campaigns helping you?

For many types of products (e.g. cars, software, real estate, financial products) the sales team is constantly in need of new leads. The problem is that instead of selling, traders usually waste their time with other activities. One of them is the so-called cold calling. Or maybe they are trying other approaches for contacting the clients who may be interested in the product or service.  

The lead generation campaign provides a list of interested clients for your sales team. All your traders have to do is contact the lead and close the deal. Thus, when the moment for purchase decision comes you guarantee that the client will first choose your company.

How do lead generation campaigns work?

We use different communication channels to rouse clients’ interest – from direct mail through emailing, telemarketing or online campaign directing to a landing page. Possibilities are countless and the right combination depends on the type of your products or services. Together, we can choose and test an approach to provide you with the right number of leads that your sales team can handle.

Lead nurturing

Sometimes a sale doesn’t happen right away. In most cases leads who haven’t made a purchase within 2 or 3 months, are forgotten. It probably happened to you, didn’t it?

Lead nurturing program provides good care for your clients who have the potential to buy, but need more time. In this period, they receive from you birthday greetings, polite reminders, special offers and so on. Thus, when the time for purchase decision comes, the client will be yours once again.

Strategy for communication with clients

The possibilities here are many: from marketing automation according to the specific client, through loyalty programs, to member-get-member campaigns.

At Mediapost Hit Mail we develop alternative programs for customer relationship management for which we provide a variety of services: strategy and creative, effective appliance, developing and maintaining a database, analysis and report. 

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