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bgen Monday - Friday 09:00-18:00
Email: Phone: +359 2 962 86 29


Why do you need direct mail?

One of the most emotionally influential communication channels in the field of direct marketing is direct mail. It is a personalized letter with a persuasive text and clear call to action, sent to the recipient’s address. It is used mainly when offering complex products or services that require a long time to persuade.

The goal here is to win the attention of your leads. It is a good idea to state all the valid arguments why they should buy from you. That’s why the results of the well-written letter, sent as direct mail, may be far better than those of an email campaign or a phone call. And together the three channels work in an impressive way.

At Mediapost Hit Mail, we have an extensive experience with direct mail campaigns and we take into account all important elements when conducting them:

Target audience

We can precisely determine the target audience (for B2B: size – working capital and number of employees, branch, contact person and their positions (always in full compliance with the GDPR requirements).


We provide stylish and effective design as well as copywriting of promotional campaigns.


We plan very carefully all elements of the letter (e.g. the letter itself, brochure, coupon, etc.).


Multi-level personalization as well as a mechanism for precise measurement of the results.


Distribution of the letters – by postal or courier operator.

To get feedback we can use both traditional and online channels for direct marketing:

direct mail, telephone, SMS, email, landing page.

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