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Email automation

What is email automation?

It is not worth it losing precious time writing separate emails to each of your clients. At the same time, you probably don’t want to send an email newsletter to your entire database with clients. When the recipients of such messages don’t see the benefit of them, they are more likely to unsubscribe. Or even worse, to mark your email as spam.

Of course, email newsletters and email sequence have their spot in your overall marketing strategy. They work effectively. But the most successful campaigns are already using a more elegant solution. With its help the results are truly fascinating. This solution is called email automation. This service of Mediapost Hit Mail helps you send the most relevant email messages to your clients as a response to certain actions on their part. At the end it all comes down to reaching more people with the right message at the right time.

Имейл автоматизация

Save time and human resource for campaign management

Email automation saves you a lot of time. The initial setup takes quite some time, but then each client receives only the messages that best respond to his actions. It doesn’t matter the size of your database. Email automation works equally well and fast with both 100 and 1 000 000 clients.

Except time, email automation saves you money, too. You don’t need to have a big sales team or hire people to send emails by hand. Instead, you are with your clients exactly when they need you.

If you use a sales team to grow your business, then automatic emails will provide your colleagues with leads who are already ready to buy your products or services. For example, when a client from a specific region downloads a brochure with your services, the retailer responsible for that region may receive an automatic message. Your colleague just has to pick up the phone and close the sale.

Communicate with real clients and leads without any restrictions

Email automation works on the principle “action-reaction” (i.e. when a certain action happens as a response a certain email is sent). So, you have virtually no restrictions on how you can use it. It all depends on your business model and creativity – both yours and that of email marketing consultants at Mediapost Hit Mail.

With the help of the automatic emails you can send greetings to your clients on their birthday. Or remind them they haven’t logged into your website for a while. And why not send them a discount code just a minute after they abandon their cart at your e-shop. In any case, you are responding at the moment when your clients will find your email the most appropriate. 

Имейл атоматизация от Медияпост Хит Мейл

Relevant subjects, clear reports, measurable results

At Mediapost Hit Mail we will help you grab your clients with a captivating subject for the automatic emails or newsletters. Our experienced copywriters will develop for you texts to keep the recipients’ attention for as long as possible. The excellent deliverability of our emailing software will help you reach as many of your clients as possible. And your messages won’t go to their spam folder.

The detailed statistics and clear reports will give you a clear idea of ​​which approach brings you the best result. In all cases you won’t have to guess how email automation works for you. You will know with certainty where your efforts have been fully justified and where you can achieve more.

All email automation results are fully measurable and you can easily and quickly determine what result you are achieving with these types of campaigns. Their exceptional effectiveness will definitely surprise you and impress your colleagues.

Trust us with the email automation

Take advantage of our great experience and plan a perfectly working email automation for your business.

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