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Digital marketing

The increasing usage of digital media and technologies has led to a huge number of definitions for “digital marketing” both in Bulgaria and abroad. Lately many self-proclaimed marketing “experts” have emerged. You can immediately check if they can help your business. Just ask them “What is digital marketing to you?” You are likely to receive a too vague or obscure answer.

What is digital marketing?

At Mediapost Hit Mail we love simpler definitions. Here is our opinion for this too often used but also very often misunderstood term. “Digital marketing” is: “Achieving marketing goals by using digital media and technologies”.

Let us extend the definition a little further. Digital marketing includes managing the different forms of online presence of a company. Some of them are the corporate website, mobile app, social media pages, landing pages, etc. They are promoted through various online communication techniques such as PPC advertising, social media marketing, email marketing and more.


The benefits you get if you use digital marketing

Full measurability, flexibility in campaign and budget management. Excellent return on investment, possibility for personalization and automation. There are just few benefits of digital marketing for you and your company. With the help of this marketing division you will significantly increase your brand awareness. You will reach new leads and stay in touch with the current clients. 

Pay Per Click advertising in Facebook, Google and other platforms helps you optimize your expenses. You are able to do parallel testing and sell more to more people. The great opportunities for selecting target audience ensure that you only speak to people who want to hear about your products or services.

If you have Facebook or Instagram page, maintaining it takes time and effort. With the help of Mediapost Hit Mail you will provide your followers relevant content, first-class service and positive experience.

Landing pages will be helpful when you want to attract visitors’ attention on one specific goal. Ask them to register for your email newsletter, download an e-book, join an event or a webinar you are organizing and so on. The possibility for A/B tests will allow you to increase your conversion rate through well formulated hypothesis and quality improvements. Thus, you will gain more clients without having to spend more from your marketing budget.

Digital marketing is your loyal fellow-traveler when trying to sell more to more people for smaller investment. Yet sometimes it is too hard or takes too much time to manage all digital channels, techniques and processes.

In that case Mediapost Hit Mail is the perfect solution to your problem. We have a good understanding of how different communication channels can work in sync to achieve far better results.

How can we help you?

Take a look at all our digital marketing services you can benefit from. Choose one or more of them and contact us to discuss how we can be of service to you: