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Loyalty programs

Why do you need a loyalty program?

Are you considering your own loyalty program? You may have already heard that it is more expensive to attract a client than to keep an existing one. This phrase is so popular, because it tells the truth. Loyal clients spend more, stay for longer with you and are more willing to forgive your mistakes. All this means it is worth it fighting for your clients love and investing in a loyalty program.

A loyalty program with proven results

Maybe you are now starting to think of your own loyalty program? Then, do you need strategic and creative solutions or developing a platform and content? If you already have a working program, but want to trust someone with the technical maintenance or to open an info-line for clients, we are at your disposal. We can help you with buying prizes from our trusted suppliers in Bulgaria and abroad. Last but not least, we use a demonstrably working mechanism to successfully promote each loyalty program and ensure you with truly impressive results.

Програми за лоялност

Benefits of loyalty programs

One of the main goals of each loyalty program is to collect useful information for the clients of a certain product or service. When you have the clients’ data you are interested in, then you can manage your relationship with them far more successfully. This will help you plan significant improvements by adding what your clients are looking for to your products. If you use a well-planned and well-developed loyalty program you will significantly improve your brand image results, but also successfully increase your market share.

It is a proven fact that participants in loyalty programs spend more and are more tolerant to the mistakes each company sooner or later makes. The ability to organize periodic surveys among the real consumers of what you are offering, gives you the incredible advantage to foresee when you might lose a certain type of clients and therefore respond immediately with well-thought steps to keep them.

Classic or non-standard loyalty program solutions

The mechanism of each loyalty program might follow one of the already popular solutions on the market. For example, to provide an increasing discount percentage in return to a specific purchase rate. You can also spare part of your working capital and turn it into points. Your clients will collect these points in their profiles and then use them to order prizes. And why not, choose an even more alternative solution – for example, to enrich your clients’ experience by adding different levels, more lucky draws with prizes, badges or achievement statuses and so on. Whatever your choice is, we at Mediapost Hit Mail can help you use the best practices for loyalty programs.

програми за лоялност

From planning to prizes – everything in one place

We work on different loyalty programs for clients both from Bulgaria and abroad. We provide them with technical, strategic, creative or logistical services and sometimes with all that at once. You need a warehouse? Count on us. Are you looking for a cheaper way to send prizes by courier in Bulgaria or abroad? Once again, we can help with this. Are you receiving too many incoming calls from clients and are looking for a trustworthy call-center?

We have a solution for this, too! Our excellent relationships with many proven brands (some of which are also our satisfied clients) allow us to provide a wide variety of prizes as well – from power tools, through household products, excursions, extreme experiences, leather products, brand or organic cosmetics.

A modular platform for successful promotions

We also developed our own platform for successful loyalty programs and consumer promotions – Promotion Box. It is incredibly flexible and will provide a solution to many problems. For example, when drawing a lucky draw with winners. And why not when validating cash-receipts/invoices. It will be also helpful as a complete solution for building and managing your loyalty program.

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Clubs and community management of interests

For certain types of products, the relationship between consumers might be so strong that you need more than a loyalty program. Such products like pet food and accessories. Let’s not forget the products for mothers, children and babies. Why not some automobile and motorcycle brands as well. In that case, it’s a good idea to think about how to facilitate the communication between people who are using your products. Therefore, another good idea is to organize them in a community or a club. Who doesn’t love discussing his favorite motorcycle brand with people, sharing the same passion? Which mother does not seek advice from other mothers with more experience in feeding the baby?

Communicate adequately with your clients

Give your clients a comfortable opportunity to communicate better with you. Support them when they need your advice. That’s how you will win not only their loyalty as consumers, but also their unreserved support. They will be your best sellers. And this is because they understand perfectly well the problems of people like themselves and can advise them to choose exactly your brand.

In such a community you can have excellent communication with your clients. You will be using proven solutions with the different loyalty programs. Provide your clients with timely and useful information. Include them in periodic missions with prizes. Organize trainings for them or make it easier to use your products. Do it in a way that will please each client. There are so many things you can do to help your clients. And we at Mediapost Hit Mail are here to help you in this adventure!

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