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bgen Monday - Friday 09:00-18:00
Email: Phone: +359 2 962 86 29


Consumer promotions

When planning a consumer promotion, there are many things you have to think about. And most of them are related to the logistics of the campaign prizes. On the other hand, you have to consider communicating with satisfied and not so satisfied consumers. But don’t forget about the promotion mechanism! Its task is to capture and keep the participants’ interest at all times, while your campaign is active. The promotion of the campaign is also a significant part of each promotion. However, you want more people to learn about the activities you organize, right?

A full set of services for your consumer promotions

With Mediapost Hit Mail you can have everything mentioned above in one place. We work with local and international clients for more successful campaigns both in Bulgaria and abroad. You can count on us for more adequate consultation about the chosen mechanism, how to make it more effective, what additional stimuli to include for the participants and how to explain it in a comprehensible language to anyone you want to engage with your promotion.

We will also help you with:

  • Development of rules and general conditions according to the mechanism and the legislation in force
  • Design and development of promotional websites
  • Generating unique codes for online or SMS registration
  • Info-line for answering questions for clients’ participation
  • Replying to social media posts and messages
  • Processing of materials sent by the participants
  • Collecting boxes with coupons from different shopping centers in Bulgaria
  • Sorting out and digitizing the coupons for participation, if needed
  • Automatic or manual validation of purchase evidence – codes, cash-receipts, invoices, etc.
  • Organizing lucky draws with prizes through own software that guarantees impartiality and transparency
  • Contacting the winners over phone to specify the delivery address
  • Storing, packing and sending prizes
  • Reporting for all prizes’ deliverability
  • Processing the database with participants and clearing out duplicate entries for easier usage
  • Many other services related to better management of the consumer promotion

We apply a variety of mechanics to determine the winners: instant notification, lucky draws, prizes for the first responder, the most engaged participant, the one gathered the most points, the most active one and so on. We have also developed our own module for automatic disqualification of participants who tried to violate or circumvent the rules (the so-called professional participants in promotions or just promo freaks).

We provide you with access to a convenient online module to keep track of all the registrations from your website registration form, SMS or info-line. You will also receive reports for your campaign development. This will save you considerable efforts and hours of tedious work on synchronizing the reports you would otherwise get from different suppliers

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Regardless of the business sector you work in, we can offer you an adequate solution that will provide you with more sales and more engaged consumers. Contact us if you want to organize more successful and effective consumer promotions!