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en Monday - Friday 09:00-18:00
Email: ecommerce@mediaposthitmail.bg Phone: +359 2 962 86 29



Did You Ever Wonder How to Optimize Your Ecommerce Operations So You Can Save Time and Money?

You are not alone. Ecommerce is a tough challenge, especially for fast growing retailers or manufacturers who are used to work at a slower pace.

That’s why Mediapost Hit Mail is here for you. We have vast experience in making life of ecommerce retailers easier. And we cover a broad portfolio of services so you can get a big portion of your problems solved at once!

These are the CEE markets that we can help you with (in alphabetical order):

  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Slovakia
  • + more to come in 2022!

From setting up the online business in either Central and Eastern Europe or Western Europe, to taking care of website and products translation, orders fulfillment, last mile courier delivery etc., we’ve already been there. That’s why we know the pain points of ecommerce retailers – and we have solutions in place for each of them.

Choose the Services that You Need Most!

Our modular system allows you to cherry-pick only the services that make it easier for you. The rest of them you can handle by yourself (if they don’t drain up too much of your time and resources).

No matter if you are a one-man show, a small company, or a big international manufacturer – if you have more than 500 orders per month and you need help managing better some or all your ecommerce operations, we are here to help you.

Well-developed Network of Fulfillment Centers and Couriers

Our network of warehouses and good relationship with courier companies allow us to solve the puzzle for you no matter where you are and how do you want to organize your ecommerce expansion. Our core expertise is in the Central and Eastern Europe region (CEE), but we also have customers in Spain, France, the Netherlands, and other markets in Western Europe.  

You can combine our expertise and technological proficiency with the remarkable logistics and courier network we have established in the last few years to scale up your ecommerce business in more than one market simultaneously. You will sell more, to more people, in more channels, either B2B or B2C, or both!

Single Integration for All These Services at Your Disposal!

You will only need a quick one-shot integration to have all our services available for you:
  • Monitor and analyze easily all your orders from different countries and channels (ecommerce platforms, marketplaces etc.) from a single system.
  • Manage products’ descriptions and additional data from a single point of reference with our Product Information Management (PIM) platform. Upload the right and relevant information to the right sales channel with just a single click. Have the products information up to date all the time, in all the platforms you need it.
  • Store your inventory in one or more of our warehouses and let us take care of the orders fulfillment, courier delivery and cash on delivery handling.
  • Have real-time reports about your actual stock, returns, damaged or undelivered products and significantly optimize your costs with our international returns management system.
  • Use our deep knowledge of the local specifics and our expertise in digital marketing to increase your sales and expand much quicker and easier to new markets.
  • Stay compliant with the European and local regulations regarding OSS VAT reporting, documents issuing, privacy protection etc.
  • Handle phone calls, emails and chat messages with the native speaking operators at our service centers in Bulgaria, Romania, Spain and other countries.   
  • Plus a very quick timeframe (usually only 2-3 weeks) for integration with a new ecommerce platform or marketplace, whenever you need it!

Get in touch with us

Choose one or more of our solutions and contact us to discuss how we can be of service to you: