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Loyalty & Promotions

More and more companies are planning their own loyalty programs and consumer promotions. The business realizes that its competitive advantage which for many years made high profits, is no longer working so well. The reason for this is that there are already many similar products and services on the market. In this situation having loyal clients becomes more and more important and difficult to achieve.

Therefore, the long-term planning of most successful campaigns is so important. And it is directed at educating and managing consumer loyalty. And the short-term solutions that support this process are periodic promotional campaigns. They use a variety of mechanisms and prizes.


At Mediapost Hit Mail we’ve been managing big and successful loyalty programs and promotional campaigns for a long time

Our extensive experience will help you plan, build and manage efficiently and fully measurable such activities. Don’t go searching for different suppliers or consultants for strategic planning of loyalty programs, promotional websites, buying prizes, storing and sending them to the participants, and so on. You already have all this in one place – with us!

We watch closely the global tendencies in consumer behavior to provide you with a first-class communication strategy and help you with planning. We know that the most important factor for the success of a promotion or loyalty program (other than the clients themselves) is the mechanism that determines the participants’ experience. That’s why we work mainly with proven mechanisms over time (e.g. “collect and win”), but also add new elements to them so as to exalt the effect (e.g. gamification).

Програми за лоялност

We also take care of the most annoying and routine tasks related to logistic support of promotions and loyalty programs. With us you won’t have to transport, store or pack a large number of prizes. What is boring to most of our clients is part of our exciting daily life and we do it with great pleasure.

You want to run a campaign in several countries at the same time? No problem! With the help of our trusted partners and colleagues we will organize everything for you in most EU countries and even if it’s necessary in the United Arab Emirates! With us the international promotional activities become accessible and easy to manage

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We can do all this for you too – all you have to do is tell us more about your business and your goals.