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Promotional websites

Among the most important components of each successful consumer promotion is indisputably its promotional website. But its task is not only to inform clients of the general terms and conditions. Or to show the products involved and the interesting prizes. You should look at your promotional website in a different way. It should be an effective tool for including more participants in your campaign. That’s its ultimate goal, isn’t it?

промоционален уебсайт

A promotional website design that brings you more registrations

When planning the design of a consumer promotion website, we always use the campaign goals as a starting point. These goals can be a sales increase in a certain chain store, region or country. But you may also want a certain number of registrations for a period of one month or a quarter. We then pay special attention to key parts of the content. Such are accents, buttons, registration forms and so on. They can help you achieve your goals as well. We also add eye-catching elements like arrows, pictures, bullets. We surely dedicate a lot of time to planning the mobile version of the website. This is of great importance because a big part of the traffic to promotional websites is due to social networks and respectively to mobile devices.

Collect data you can use later

One of most common mistakes made with promotional campaigns is that the data collected from one campaign is not used for promoting the next one. Because of the regulations for personal data protection most companies are trying to reinsure by deleting the entire information gathered during the campaign.

Промоционален уебсайт - данни

In fact, if the personal data is collected according to the law regulations and the participants consent is well-documented, nothing is stopping you from using it once again. Why not send an email to all participants from the previous campaign and remind them of the upcoming one? You can also plan a SMS reminder at the beginning or near the end of the campaign. Also, the data can be used in building a target audience on Facebook or Google where you can promote the campaign to participants who are familiar with your brand.

All this allows you to maintain long-term relationships with your current clients or leads of your products. There is ample evidence that maintaining a constant communication with clients has an extremely good effect on the customers loyalty to the brand. The promotional website will definitely help you in achieving this!



Except for attracting more registered consumers, websites for consumer campaigns should engage the clients’ attention for a longer time. You can achieve this and for your promotional activity by the so-called gamification. This means using game elements (ranks, points, badges, levels and others) in a non-game situation. Thus, with the help of a well-thought game mechanism you can increase the time your customers spend on your promotional website. In addition, you can also use gamification when trying to increase the average amount of products purchased per participant.

The accumulation of points in the client’s profile allows you to use them as a peculiar currency and exchange them for different stimuli – a lucky draw participation, a guaranteed prize, a material for free download, etc. Badges and levels help you award the most active participants in the promotion. Rankings add an element of competition and stimulate the rivalry between clients and their friends.

At Mediapost Hit Mail we can help you not only with the gamification mechanism development, but also with an adequate consultation about game elements you can use in your promotional campaign. This way you will achieve remarkable results in sales and engage more people for a longer time.

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