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Email sequence

Email sequence by a preliminary plan

One of email marketing’s biggest advantages is that when you get your client email address with their consent, you can communicate with them directly without paying extra for advertising.

Email sequence is usually sent by predetermined time intervals (e.g. immediately after registration, a week later or once every two weeks and so on). Sometimes these types of messages are also called autoresponders.

Поредица от имейли

When to use an email sequence?

For example, if you are offering a product or service for which the purchase decision takes longer, you can list all your advantages in the automatic email sequence. It will begin from the moment the client registers on your website or landing page. By preparing in advance the email sequence, presenting the benefits of your products or services from different angles, you will significantly increase the chance to sell more. The same applies for an event you are organizing. Why not plan an email sequence to remind your clients periodically of an upcoming seminar? You can also ask for feedback the day after the event is over. 

Take care of your clients!

Email sequence guarantees that you have something to say to your leads a few days, weeks or even months ahead of time. And the biggest advantage for you is that once set up, these types of email campaigns work for your business almost on autopilot. That’s why the service is a great choice for the so-called lead nurturing campaigns that aim to keep the client’s attention for as long as possible. Well thought out periodic reminders in the right email sequence will help the customer choose you when it’s time to buy.

Поредица от имейли от Медияпост Хит Мейл

Use your content in the most appropriate way

This email service will be of great help when you have a varied content, but don’t rely on your clients reading it at once. Instead, you can select the most qualitative texts and arrange them in an easy to read email sequence. This will help you reach more people and support with high added value the other campaigns of yours.

Planning an automatic email sequence is an important process that you shouldn’t overlook. The initial setup of an email sequence takes a little longer, but when it’s done well, it will save you a lot of effort and time later on. You will be pleasantly surprised by the extremely high effectiveness of these types of email campaigns. They can be a great addition to your newsletter or a key element to a more complex email automation.

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