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bgen Monday - Friday 09:00-18:00
Email: Phone: +359 2 962 86 29


The most important goal of an online store is to sell more. That is why at Mediapost Hit Mail we have developed a wide range of services for e-shops, dedicated to this goal.

Are you looking for PPC campaigns, email marketing, landing pages optimization or conversion rate optimization? With us you will find additional ideas for better presentation of your e-shop.

Which services for online stores help you sell more?

Do you want to focus on more online sales in the Bulgarian market? Here is what we can offer you:

  • A profound analysis of the data you have so far. This way you will know where problems can occur. You will understand where you are not able to make the most of your e-shop in order to sell more.
  • Excellent marketing (PPC advertising (including remarketing), banners, content, email newsletter and so on). They will help you reach the right people at the right time.
  • Development and set-up of automatic emails. Use them with an abandoned cart, lack of activity or another event. Sell almost on autopilot all the time!
  • Texts describing in understandable language all advantages of your products (the so-called copywriting). Give your clients more reasons to buy from you.
  • Optimizing multichannel marketing mix. We can help you with print ads, direct mail or call center scripts. Thus, you will derive the best from each communication channel you work with.

Start selling abroad easily and quickly with Balkan eCommerce

You want to sell abroad? Then Balkan eCommerce is the right solution for you! We will help you with almost everything you need to launch an online business in 10 EU or UAE countries – translations, marketing, courier services, customer services, order processing/fulfilment in the specific country (or another one of your choice from out network).

balkan ecommerce

Do not worry. We will discuss with you the business challenges. We will suggest how to start so as to have a big and fast effect on the results. Here are three ways we can help you maximize your profit:

By becoming your “optimization manager” and working together with your team

This way we are not only helping your business grow, but also building your own internal resource. We will train your employees to optimize your digital and direct marketing.

If you don’t have employees, pass on the optimization task to us

No need to worry about who will create content, where you will host your landing pages or what platform you will use for email automation. We will help you with all this!

Качествени услуги за онлайн магазини

We can also work together on a piece-rate basis

In other words, only when you assume you can’t carry out a task on your own. Or when you need more specific expertise or consultancy. Rely on our proven experts

We understand how difficult is to trust an external agency with your business

That’s why we will facilitate you in choosing services for online stores. You don’t have to undertake anything:

We will go through and analyze your online store to figure out whether we are a good fit for working together and what problems are possible to occur. We will also make some test orders. We do this for two reasons. First, because we believe that good results happen when the agency and the client are getting on very well together not only as businesses but also as people. Secondly, every e-shop has elements that can be optimized additionally, often hidden from the eyes of the owner or his employees. You need an impartial assessment from the outside that will show you which business processes or which elements from the online store might work better. If we assess that we can work together we will discuss our ideas on how to further develop your e-shop.

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When you are our client, our job is to make your business more successful. This way you can afford to attract more relevant traffic which will further help you grow fast enough. Why wait more?