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Email broadcast

Send an email broadcast quickly to your own clients’ list!

Sometimes you have to send a quick email to all the people in your database or to a certain part of them. Maybe you have to warn them about an unexpected delay in delivery of your new product. Or to inform them of important news regarding your company. Or invite them to an event you are organizing soon. With Mediapost Hit Mail email broadcast service you will do so quickly and easily. We respond extremely fast to such requests – in some cases within the day and in others – for a day or two. It all depends on what hurry you are in.

Excellent deliverability of email campaigns

We use several reliable systems for sending emails with a proven high deliverability and IP addresses with an excellent reputation. This way your message will reach more recipients than if you use a random email broadcast provider. You don’t have to worry about your emails going to your clients’ spam folder – we will take care of that.


Email broadcast is among the fastest ways to reach as many current clients and leads as possible with the greatest impact of the message on their behavior.


We guarantee excellent technical and organizational measures to protect information security following the GDPR requirements and the local Data Protection Act.


The technical infrastructure of email broadcast systems we use guarantees a high percentage of deliverability of real emails. Thus, your message will reach more people.

Clear data

After the first sending we guarantee that your database is cleared from invalid or undeliverable emails. We will help you with clearing the duplicated or mistyped entries.

Email marketing consultations

Rely on us and for additional services related to the email broadcast. We will help you with a professional consultation in text and design development, sender/subject combination, sending time, campaign statistics analysis and so on.

Maybe you are looking for the right email broadcast software for your company? There are hundreds of possibilities and it’s too hard to find your way in the wide variety of functionalities and price-formation. Let us help you make the right decision according to your business specifications.


Want to learn more about emailing?

Are you interested in how email marketing can benefit your business? We will help you not miss out on anything important when preparing your next email campaign. Download for free our email checklist and send only first class campaigns!

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