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Marketing automation
Маркетинг автоматизация от Медияпост Хит Мейл

Is it difficult to have marketing automation?

By “marketing automation” many people still understand a difficult system to work with. According to them automatic marketing can only be done either through a software that is part of a larger CRM platform or from a specialized solution. Yet, both of them cost way too much. Others assume that the email sequence is marketing automation. Actually, this is just one part of it. If you restrict yourself to automatic emails, you will miss the other channels through which you can reach to your current clients or leads.  

Marketing automation in favor of the business is a more easily applicable method than it looks at first. Maybe you don’t want to go too deep into complex processes and details. That’s why one good combination of more massive solutions, available on the market, can do a fine job as a starter. Moreover, without investing a fortune. 

What is marketing automation?

Many of your clients are not ready to buy your products or services right away. They are seeking information, collecting opinions, comparing characteristics and so on. That’s why it is important to be nearby at all times, and when they are ready to make a purchase, to help them pick exactly you.

Marketing automation helps you respond immediately to every signal that the client is ready to take the next step. With the help of a software you can automate repetitive processes such as sending emails, SMS messages, posts in social media, landing pages and even online campaigns. Thus, you will provide your customers with a personalized experience and you can ultimately sell almost on autopilot.

Маркетинг автоматизация

An example of marketing automation

Imagine you want to automate the following scenario:

A lead visits your stand during an exhibition. You suggest registering on a specially designed landing page. He/she does so and immediately receives an email, thanking him/her for visiting your stand. You wait for two days and send a second email, inviting him/her to download a useful content eBook. When the client does so, you include them in remarketing audience for PPC advertising on Google and Facebook. If in the next few days, the client doesn’t click on any of your ads you automatically send him/her an SMS reminder.

How to take advantage of marketing automation?

Do not forget that setting up a campaign as the above mentioned is easier than you think. Yes, some initial effort is required. You have to describe the process and then prepare the necessary landing pages and email or SMS messages. But once you do this, after that the entire chain of processes and messages will work without rest to improve your business results. You will only be expected to make minor adjustments to maximize the impact of the automation.  

To start using marketing automation in favor of your business, you will need two things: enthusiasm and a pilot project. If you have the first, we can help get the second. Together we will develop a marketing funnel that your leads will go through before making the purchase decision. We will set up the processes according to the funnel and determine when each of them will start.

And once you try what it means to automate marketing processes, you will want to do it over and over again. Even when you encounter some difficulties along the way, you will feel that you are already planning how this problem can be automated.

We guarantee it!

See for yourself the benefits of marketing automation!

Let us give you a clear and specific example of marketing automation. You will see for yourself the benefits of this extremely interesting marketing method.