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Email newsletter

What is an email newsletter?

The email bulletin also called “email newsletter” is our most commonly requested email marketing service. It helps you reach your current clients and leads anytime you have something to share with them. Email newsletter campaigns are organized quickly and you can use them as an effective tool to increase your sales.

Имейл нюзлетър

How to build a database with addresses for an email newsletter?

If you still don’t have your own database with clients’ emails at your disposal, we can help you build one. You can use the current traffic to your website and with our help collect a significant amount of email addresses with the consent of your clients. Whether you are using the so-called pop-up, sticky bar or a special section on your website (and why not all three at the same time?) depends on you and your abilities to manage the website.  

Software for sending email newsletter with an automatic unsubscription

Sending an email newsletter happens quickly and easily when using a professional software. We can work with a system of your choice in order to send the newsletter or relying on the solutions we use at Mediapost Hit Mail. We keep a close watch on all important key metrics – deliverability, open emails, clicks, unsubscriptions and so on. We do not neglect the so-called reputation of IP addresses from which we send email campaigns. And in case you want to use an IP address just for yourself, we can help you with that as well.

Имейл бюлетин (имейл нюзлетър)

A small percentage of the recipients of your email newsletter may opt out. Unsubscription and subscribers’ management happens fully automatic. This way you are calm that a client who has stated his wish not to receive your email newsletter won’t find a new email from you in his inbox.

How do we guarantee data security in an email newsletter?

Data security is of key importance in email marketing. Therefore, we use only an email software that can guarantee a level of security high enough and in full compliance with The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We exchange sensitive information with our clients only through an encrypted connection and the unused data is automatically deleted from our server after 30 days. Thus, you can be sure that your clients’ information is as secure as possible.


Email newsletter segmentation

Just sending an email newsletter itself is a great opportunity for your business, but we don’t stop here. We help you segment your database and send different emails to the different types of clients you have. There is no point in offering dresses to men. Or sending expensive products offers to clients you know are buying only during a sale period. When you take care for the current and relevant content of your newsletter, you can drastically improve its effectiveness. 

The email newsletter is not the only email service you can benefit from with us. Combine one time or periodic sending of relevant information with a carefully selected email sequence and you will achieve even more remarkable success. And those of you who want the highest return on investment can count on marketing automation. 

Email sequence

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