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bgen Monday - Friday 09:00-18:00
Email: Phone: +359 2 962 86 29


Engage your clients’ attention more effectively

The most important role of design in marketing is to sell more, to more people. We at Mediapost Hit Mail are strictly following this principle. That’s why when we offer you design for us it’s more important to put a focus on the key elements of your message than to make it prettier. Often it happens that a design with exceptional esthetic qualities performs much worse than a more visually humble design which however directs the clients’ attention to the important information.

The easiest way to check which design works better for you is to run tests. Of course, this takes a little more time and patience, but for the sake of better results and sales it’s worth it. We will provide you with useful advice and ideas to achieve this.

Our experienced designers can help you with more effective: landing page, banner, brochure, user interface, print advertising, direct mail, template for email newsletter, website for consumer promotion and many more.


We respond extremely quickly – sometimes within the next working day. Yet we suggest keeping in mind that in order to produce a good quality design, we have to dedicate quite some time to it and to and also to obtain sufficient detailed information from you.

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