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Product Information Management (PIM)

Time is too precious to waste it dealing with multiple accounts in multiple sales channels. If you sell online via your own website and one or more marketplaces, you know how hard it is to keep up with updating information about products everywhere. Moreover, you should avoid making mistakes, right?

Multiply this by the number of countries you are selling in, and you will have an idea how much time it costs you to scale up your business, even if you have a big team.

What is a PIM system?

Our Effortless eCommerce concept has a solution for this as well! The Product Information Management (PIM) system helps you save huge amount of time and resources. Finally you can manage your products’ information from one place. With a click of the button of your mouse you spread the updated information across as many channels as you want. Easy, isn’t it?

In other words, PIM is a multichannel software tool that allows real-time tracking for all data about company’s products, by sending it appropriately to all sales channels.

Even if you have your own ERP system, a PIM will be very useful for your company. From the ERP, where data files are stored (usually Excel sheets), and any other sources of product information, including resources of images and videos, a PIM system collects all such material and channels it in the right directions. You can use it to search for elements; to manage the translation of descriptions; to classify categories; to correct errors; to edit updates and changes; to enrich the product description (incl. the SEO data), and to synchronize their presence in all areas you might need.

Inconsistencies will never occur again between physical and online catalogues. You will never again have mixtures between products in the same collection that have different data sheets. Organizing your product information in a PIM facilitates the translation of the catalogue content into different languages, or to other international standards (e.g. shoe sizes). The PIM system will guarantee that the same rigorous information is displayed on all channels. This data will be equally displayed to all members of the company. You can spread it in any country you sell to so that your local team works with up-to-date information all the time.

Our customers for ecommerce fulfillment and courier delivery have a privilege low-cost access to our PIM software. We are constantly adding new integrations to it so that you really have what you need – handy tools to save time and efforts with.

Of course, you can also use the PIM as a standalone service. If you want to know more, just click on the button below.

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